Travelling In Asia

Are you planning on discovering the wonders of Asia this summer? You may already know that Asia speaks of another way of life, allowing you to expose yourself to a whole new experience. It is a bucket list must, if you are a travelling enthusiast. Asia is a wonderful destination for you to visit, even if you don’t belong to the above category, but would like to experience something new this summer. It is also inexpensive in comparison to most tourist destinations, adding to the attraction. So if we have convinced by now to visit Asia, we also have another suggestion. Go to Bangkok this time around.

Why go there?
Bangkok is one of the best tourist destinations in Asia. It is also the capital of Thailand and its most populous city. It boasts of millions of tourists every year and has topped the list of many surveys. It is also a hub for international business and economics, turning it into one of the busier cities of Asia. However, it makes for great tourist destination for many different reasons.

Why is it so popular?
Bangkok boasts of a variety of sights many tourists visit every day. They range from royal palaces to temples and museums, allowing you to capture the essence of Bangkok’s cultural experience. The Bangkok markets are a fascinating affair. They are crowded at all times and they basically have everything you would ever want to buy and they offer you a great bargain. Your purchases would be cheap but if you shop prudently, you can find some of the best deals you will ever get and they might even be of generally good quality. You should also experience the night life in Bangkok. It is as vibrant as Bangkok is during daytime. If you can make it, do visit a sky bar in Bangkok. They live up to their name and offer a breath taking view, boasting of a wonderful atmosphere and great company.

More Places to go and Things to Remember
If you ever visit Bangkok, make sure you visit the grand palace. The Buddhist temples and the Hindu shrines are also must see places if you want to experience the culture of Bangkok. Cruise rides and boat rides along the canals of Bangkok would offer you wonderful views of old Thai architecture. However, despite these wonderful places to visit, and places to shop, you should also be careful of scams when you visit Bangkok. Many tourists complain of being tricked into bad bargains, overcharging etc. For instance, gem scams are rife in Bangkok, with many complaining that they have been sold jewellery which are overpriced and fake.

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