Three Ways To Make The Most Of Short Trips

If you do not have time to get away for a week or longer, then it can be frustrating to hear about your friends’ holidays and see their photos coming up on social media. After all, you want to join in the fun too – it’s not your fault that you do not have enough of a chance to get time off work or away from the kids! So what can you do about it? Booking a shorter break may well be the solution that you are looking for. While these short breaks will not be as satisfying as a full holiday, you can still make the most of them.

A mini midweek break

If you can spare two nights, then a break in the middle of the week is sure to be a great idea. The serviced apartments Campbelltown NSW rates at The Hermitage will be lower because it is not a peak time, and you will also get a quieter stay because no one is going out for the weekend. You can stay in for the whole time and enjoy the luxury of a hotel room if you wish. You can normally get free breakfasts with this kind of stay, and this takes a bit of work away from you too. This is a nice way to just get away for a while.

A weekend break

Everyone has heard of the idea of going away for a long weekend. If you go on Friday and then come home on Sunday, you will only need to book your accommodation for two nights. In some special cases, you may be able to find great discounts that give you Sunday for free as well. This will give you the chance to come home on Monday! A four day break is actually quite a significant amount of time, and with two of the days being on the weekend, most people will only need to use up two days of holiday time from work.

A whistle stop tour

If you want a bit longer to get to know a new place, try three nights in the middle of the week. Again, you might be able to save money on room fees. On top of that, you can also look for extras which give you the chance to explore the location a bit more fully even in such a short space of time. This can include getting in to local attractions, eating at local restaurants, and finding free map guides to the area with all the information you need.

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