The Joys Of Sisterhood: Why Having Sisters Is A Wonderful Thing

Most girls with sisters may claim that having sisters is nothing but trouble and that they would have been happier being an only child. However, this is often not true. To prove this, here are a few of the reasons why sisterhood is delightful.

Your Sister as the Best Shopping Buddy

Having a sister means that you have someone to go shopping with! You will find that shopping with your sister is far more fun than shopping alone, especially if you and your sister both share a passion for fashion.

You may say, “Why would I need a sister when I can just as easily shop with my friends?” The answer is that while indeed you could shop with your friends, it is certainly different from shopping with your sister; your sister is your family and you can always count on her to give you honest advice on what looks best on you, whereas your friends may not always be counted on to do the same. 

Your Sister as Your Best Friend and Secret Keeper

When you have a sister you can tell her everything. She can be your best friend and keeper of all your secrets. Furthermore, sisters can usually be more trustworthy than friends. While you may be reluctant to tell your friends certain things, you may find that it is much easier to be open with your sister. This is probably because you have known each other all your lives and have been through everything together. This creates a bond that is difficult to replicate with others.

Just like with shopping, your sister will be most likely to give you genuine advice on matters than your friends. Friends may have hidden agendas and some may even purposely lead you in the wrong direction. This is rarely the case with your flesh and blood. Your sister is also less likely to judge you than your friends and you can be assured that she will accept you no matter what.

To Share in Your Happiness When You Are Getting Married

When you’re getting married, having a sister can be reassuring and as well as fun! Having a sister is fun when you are getting married because the two of you can do all the wedding planning together; you and your sister can go select your wedding dress together, look at wedding venues, pick out flowers, decide on catering for the wedding and everything else.

If you are planning to have a different wedding venue, then you might consider a country resort.

A sister will help you like no one else will. She will also be a source of comfort and reassurance, helping you make decisions and listening to your worries. Best of all, she will share in your happiness!

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