Popular Wedding Themes That You Might Like

It is always great to have a theme for your wedding. It allows you to match and co-ordinate everything and makes your wedding seem very put together. Most of the time, couples opt to go for a colour theme with a selected colour palette. While this is great, without just relying on colours, you can switch it up and create a whole different vibe to your celebration with the following themes:


If you have a special love for the hills and countryside you can opt for a country themed wedding. Country weddings can be very beautiful and unique, especially since it is a theme that people rarely select. In addition to having a wedding in a garden near the hills, you could have it near a lake or even in a barn to give that real country atmosphere. Your bouquets could be made from wildflowers and mason jars used for centre pieces. Furthermore, to add to the theme you could even rent a wagon drawn by horses to leave the reception with some flair. 


If country weddings are not your style then instead of getting married near the hills, you can opt for the equally beautiful setting of the beach. You can make the theme interesting by including sea shells in your table centrepieces and by having lanterns. Including a ceremony arch made from vines and flowers will make a perfect background to tie the knot. Furthermore, with the sea in the distance, you will be able to get some spectacular photographs!


Rustic weddings have a certain charm to them that would appeal to nature lovers especially. Therefore, you can have the wedding in a beautiful garden with a wooden ceremony arch. Rustic weddings incorporate natural elements into most of the items such as using lots of wood and fresh flowers as decorations. To keep true to the rustic theme you can also incorporate it into the bridesmaids’ attires by having them wear flower crowns on their hair.


If you like the elegance of how people tied the knot during the olden days then this theme is perfect for you. You can put a vintage spin on your dress and your bridesmaids’ dresses could by including lots of lace on them. In addition, you can select a cascading bouquet which could be decorated with pearls to give off a real vintage look to your entire outfit. Then for the venue you can have chandeliers and wooden tables covered in lace to add to the vintage vibe.

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