Places To Visit In Sydney

Sydney, one of the largest cities in Australia, is a multi-faceted destination. And often it is on the must-visit destinations list of every traveller. The lively city is brimming with activities and buzzing energy and has a plethora of options to explore, satisfying the palate of all kinds of visitors whether international or interstate. Sydney boasts of idyllic beaches like the Bondi beach, architectural marvels like the Sydney Opera House, scenic harbour and accompanying skyline, friendly people and vibrant nightlife. And all of this makes it one of the most popular destinations worldwide offering a lot of choices for places to visit.

Since there are so many ‘must visit’ locations in Sydney, a few are highlighted here which offer a balanced view of the beautiful city. Moreover, to enjoy the city in its best you can opt for tours. There are varieties of tours, like walking tours Sydney rocks, that will help you to explore the beautiful city in its own color.

Most of these tours, including walking tours Sydney rocks, have a guide who can take you around and share detailed information and history behind each site. A customised walking tour can give an insight into the life of the locals too and take you to hidden treasures within the landmarks and in the city which you would miss otherwise.

The most famous and iconic landmark of the city is the world renowned Sydney Opera House, which stands apart as an architectural and engineering wonder owing to its unique shape and structure. Surrounding the Opera House is the Sydney Harbour as well as the Harbour Bridge which along with the city skyline make for a picture perfect view. And it is one of the most renowned landmarks that lend Sydney a distinct popularity.

After the world famous structure, another natural wonder that Sydney is famous for is the Bondi beach. Apart from its clear waters and clean sand the beach is also popular with the crowds for its proximity to the main populated area as well as for the beautiful people that visit the beach.

Next is the botanic garden, located close to the harbour. It offers a great floral and relaxing escape from the maddening city life even though it is located in the middle of one the busiest cities. Close to the garden is another architectural masterpiece, the Sydney Government House, which is built in the colonial style and houses many artistic treasures.

The National Maritime Museum in Sydney, close to the harbour, is also a must visit place that apart from featuring water travel history and trivia also has sensational displays. Many locations are at a walk-able distance to each other.

The best way to see these sites is by opting for a walking tour of Sydney which covers all these destinations along with a few hidden and unknown locations.

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