Muscle Car Hire

Offering an experience is now a popular gift alternative. For the young and not so young; there is sure to be something that will suit almost everyone. If the person is a little intimidated by bungee jumping or a jet ski ride; perhaps hiring a a few hours in a luxury car might be the answer. There are many makes and models available; from stretch limousines, European classics, sports cars are safe cars. Here we concentrate on muscle car varieties which include the Monaro, Mustang, Pontiac and Camaro.

The classic Monaro was developed in 1968 and three generations have now been produced. The first two generations are the most popular for cheap car hire Auckland international airport. Usually adorned with a racing strip down the centre or sides and painted in bold colours, these beauties roar down the street with hearty V8 engines.

Mustangs are often characterised by their very long and often slightly rounded bonnets. The first generation hit the market in 1964 and the fifth generation is currently in production for release in 2015. Its design make them perfect for the race track. Many have performed well at famous events, such as Daytona and NASCAR races. Available in sedans and convertibles, these stunning vehicles are sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who takes a spin.

In 1926 the Pontiac was born. The older models had a very large front grill, which was a popular trend at the time. Throughout the years, Pontiac have created sedans, station wagons, convertibles and even mini buses. The models which are favourites in the luxury car hire industry include; the Trans AM, Parisienne and Catalina. Pontiacs are often more difficult to spot than other makes, as they come in various shapes and sizes. There are also less available for hire than other classics and anyone wanting to source a classic Pontiac is urged to do their homework. 

The first Camaro in 1966, was designed to compete with the Mustang and has a similar history, features and appearance. The Camaro Bumblebee, featured in the Transformer movies and these limited editions, inspired by these movies, can be hired for those wanting a unique experience. Other models can also be hired.

Finally, gift packages can include uniformed chauffeurs, complimentary beverages,company umbrellas, pick up from almost any location and city tours. The easiest way to source a vehicle, is to go to the internet and search a database. These generally have both businesses and private owners, who rent out their cars. Some of these cars can be used for airport transfer hires as well as the winery tours. Recipients of the gift can either choose when to use it and can contact the service provider directly to arrange a suitable date and time for their special ride or have an adventure planned and booked for them. Either way, it will certainly be an experience they will remember, for many years to come.

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