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How To Travel In Another Country On A Tight Budget

No matter how excited we are that we can finally go on holiday, our choices are limited by how much we can spend. Travel is expensive depending on the exchange rate and the purchasing power parity of that particular country. But that is not a reason to avoid travelling abroad as there are plenty of ways to economize on your trip without compromising on the experiences. Here are a few tips to help you plan:

Become an Expert on that Country

These days information is available at the tips of your fingers on the internet, so there is really no excuse for you to go anywhere without knowing everything you can about it. Remember, knowledge is power. In this case, it’s the power to find places to stay and things to do that are not priced sky- high. Research things on the internet; read up at the library; visit a travel agency and get some brochures. Find out everything you can about the country you’re visiting, including tipping customs, how to avoid tricksters and any other practices that will cost you money. For instance, if you hire a tuk tuk in Sri Lanka, never step into it without bargaining and agreeing on the price first.

Use Public Transport As Much As Possible

In many countries, the public transport system is smooth and well- run. There will be schedules and prices posted for all to see, like in rail tours. It will be cheaper than hiring vehicles or taxis. In other countries, taking a bus will be an experience in itself; for instance in India, people don’t just sit on the seats inside the bus. Read more reviews here if you are interested in rail tours. 

They will crowd into the aisle, squeeze children into the space between your knees and the seat in front of you, and even travel on the luggage rack on the roof. In fact, this is accepted practice. The prices will astonish you with their cheapness. On the other hand, countries like Sri Lanka have well organized comfortable rail tours that cater solely to tourists.

Arrange for Cheap Places to Stay Prior to Leaving

The days when travellers just showed up and asked for housing are long gone. There are plenty of online sites that cater to home exchange, home stay experiences, hostels and other cheap modes of lodging when you travel to another country. Hotels are usually ruinously expensive. Locals know this, and capitalize on it by turning their family homes into ‘guest houses’ that accept paying guests. Some of them even provide meals. If you absolutely cannot do without a hotel, try staying at Bed & Breakfast hotels: they charge per night and breakfast, so will work out cheaper in the end.