A Few Tips For Solo Woman Travelers

Women are not safe in all countries and when you are planning a tour you should keep in mind some points. There are many things you should know before going out for a tour. And here are some tips for solo women travelers which can make their tour safe and enjoyable.

One of the major tips or factors you should remember is to opt for a custom holiday itinerary planner. This type of service will help you to enjoy your trip in a smooth way.

While opting for a custom holiday itinerary planner you should choose the right service provider based on reputation, price and efficiency. There are many online service providers out there offering this service, choose the right one according to your choice.

You can make friends quickly because you are a woman and you can make it more quickly than guys. You should not compromise with your partner if you want a lifelong experience. Once you have completed your tour you will feel more confident and knowledgeable. There are also many disadvantages of being women like you will be the soft target and it is common almost all the countries. In some areas there is a domination of males and you may get unwanted attention. You also have to pay attention to your dress. Here are some tips to get rid of those.

Do as the local women do:

Developed countries are good but in some developing countries and undeveloped countries women are not safe. So, if their custom is to cover up their head and not to make eye contact with males then do the same as this will make you comfortable and safe; remember you are long distance away from your country. But some women get rebel and bring unwanted hassles in their life

Always remember you are in a tour so enjoy it, you are not there to change their society, and this is a different story.

Take your female intuition with you:

As you are familiar with their language and you are in a hazard scream out loud to save you. You will get unwanted male attention in all the countries, so you do not have to be polite to say leave me alone.

Avoid any threatening situation before they happen:

If you are being followed by some group of boys or men quickly get into the crowd or walk into a shop. Choose good positions in public transport and avoid seating beside males. Always notice about the incidents which is happing around you and do not ever accept any kind of foods or drinks from someone you do not know. Buy a guide book where you want to visit and read it carefully to know the prohibited places and when dealing with hotels and cars clear all the confusions.

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